Sylfex AuxMod installation
General Descriptions  
Portable Audio Devices  
Making Input Cable  
General Descriptions

Sylfex AuxMod is designed for use with HU (Head Unit) of Mazda automobiles. It adds high-quality AUX audio input which is not available on Mazda HUs.

Details are available at Sylfex site.


Basic version is available for $60.

Advanced version will be available soon. Register your name at Sylfex site for advanced version.

Comparison chart is available at Sylfex site.

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Press TAPE/MD button to chose AuxMod input.
  TAPE PLAY is displayed.
A triangle indicates the direction of the tape (Forward/Reverse.)
It does nothing with AuxMod while you can change it.

FF appears when you press the button.
It does nothing.

REW appears when you press the button.
It does nothing.
Portable Audio Devices

Devices tested and the results.

Device Manufacturere Results Device Output Misc.
iPod mini Apple OK Earphone jack 2'nd generation
Gegabeat ME200J Toshiba OK Earphone jack HDD Player
DVD-LV65 Panasonic OK Audio Out DVD Player

OK:  No problem Found.
NG:  Doesn't work or too many problems to use.

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Making Input Cable


AuxMod uses Stereo Mini Jack for input signals.
I do not want to use Stereo Mini Plug/Jack since the environment in a car is harsh for delicate parts. If the Plug comes out from Jack or makes  bad connection, I have to remove console panel again to fix it.

To avoid such problems, I soldered the wire direct to PCB (Printed Circuit Board.)

Note: This may damage your AuxMod if you are not skilled engineer, also I am sure it voids your warranty.

If you are not confident, I strongly recommend you use Stereo Mini Jack supplied.

I found this cable in my junk box.
You can obtain this kind of cable at your local Audio shops or Electricity shops such as RadioShack.
Remove one plug and prepare the wires ready to solder.
Remove rubber sponge.
Wow, all glue stays on the PCB!
Solder three wires to the soldering pads for Mini Jack.
From the Left to the Right on the picture, Left/Ground/Right.
Remove a portion of rubber sponge to make a room for the soldered wires (sorry, the picture is not clear.)
Put the rubber sponge back to the PCB.
Make sure the surface is flat.
I used Tie Wrap to hold the wire and protect the soldered wires.
Now the modification is done.

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The installation guide can be downloaded from Sylfex site.

Remove the console unit from the car.

AuxMod goes into the center module.

Bottom view of the center module.
A short black bar on the bottom is at the center of the picture above.
Put AuxMod connector into unit's connector.
Fix AuxMod with adhesive tape supplied.
I used three Tie Wraps to hold the cable.
The other side of the cable goes direct into earphone jack of my Toshiba HDD player Gigabeat.
It's also worked fine with my daughter's iPod mini.
I use a mesh bag to hold my Gigabeat.

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