How to Remove Center Console Panel

NOTE: The following describes that of Japanese (right handled) Mazda6. Your Mazda6 with left handled may differ.

You need to remove Center Console Panel a lot of times if you are a serious DIY person. I put instructions here to help you.

You can also find other sites which may describes better than here. How to remove Center Console Panel has movies in it, while you can not expect it is so easy as the movie :)

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  I do not think there is not much difference with MT model.

Note: This is right handle model in Japan, your Mazda6 may have mirrored location of parts.

  Remove selector knob. Just keep rotating anti-clockwise until it is removed.
  This is the hardest part.
Open cup holder rid, hold this side of cup holder and pull it out upward. Screw driver covered with vinyl tape helps you to unlock lips.

If it is too hard for you, ask your dealer to remove this part only. The rest of the steps are quit easy and you can do it by yourself.

  There are three lips to be removed.
Use screw driver to unlock. Those lips are locked firm and you should look at carefully how to unlock them.
  Once you removed one side as shown above, it is easier to remove the other side.
  Now you remove cup holder from the selector cover. They are connected with two locks.
  Set the selector to N position.
Push the selector cover (with ashtray) downward to remove.
  Selector cover removed.
Remove three wires to lighter, ashtray and position indicator if you want to remove the cover completely.
  Remove two screws.
  Remove glove box.
Also remove navigation system if it is installed as shown.

  Remove the bolt which holds HU assembly.
The bolt reside the position as shown (here the bolt is already removed.)
You need extension bar to remove it.
  Use screw driver and pull out the console unit.

The unit is locked as shown below.

Right picture shows the lock on the unit, Left picture shows the hole where the lock goes.



Remove cables to HU to pull the whole unit out.




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